Thursday, 21 April 2016 00:05

IPA's® New, Advanced 12-Button Remote Control for the Super MUTT®

IPA announced its new 12-Button Remote Control that is now available with the Super MUTT® trailer tester line.

The #MUT-RM12 12-Function Remote allows complete and comprehensive trailer testing from over 200 ft. away. It also the manually, automatic or remote testing of all electrical circuitry, air brakes, and access ABS codes.

The 12-Button Remote mirrors the onboard features of the Super MUTT®. Remote-controlled testing and diagnostics allow the Super MUTT® to guide a technician through 91 critical points of inspection and testing. Testing Mode assesses the trailer's electrical circuitry to identify wiring problems often missed during routine inspections.

If a problem is found (i.e. shorted, crossed, open circuit, or bad ground), the Super MUTT® shifts into Diagnostic/ Pulsar® Mode. In the case of a short circuit, Pulsar® Mode will continue to monitor circuit condition, applying current every three seconds for continued circuit testing. Once the short is found and repaired, the Pulsar® feature will restore current to the circuit.

For information on the Super MUTT® Deluxe or IPA's Trailer Tester line, visit www.ipatools.com or call 888-786-7899.

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