Monday, 04 April 2016 01:52

ITW Evercoat Launches Body Filler for Large Industrial Vehicle Manufacturers

Commercial Ultra

ITW Evercoat announced on March 31 the launch of Evercoat Commercial Ultra™ Body Filler, which has been developed to meet the needs of large industrial and commercial vehicle manufacturers including ambulance, fire truck, bus, and train manufacturers.  

Evercoat Commercial Ultra Body Filler has been formulated to have a 10 minute work time and can be sanded in 30 minutes, allowing technicians to mix, spread, and work large quantities of body filler at one time. Evercoat Commercial Ultra can also be mixed with other Ultra products to meet customer requirements such as viscosity and cure times.

“Evercoat Commercial Ultra is an exciting addition to the list of Evercoat industry innovations” said Marvin Gillfillan, Vice President and General Manager of ITW Evercoat.  “Until now, large industrial and commercial users have had to adapt existing products to meet their production requirements.  Evercoat Commercial Ultra was developed in cooperation with industrial users to meet their exacting needs.  By extending the work time, technicians can mix and work more product which ultimately can help improve shop productivity.”

Evercoat Commercial Ultra is available in one gallon containers (Part # 100181) and three gallon pails (Part #100183).  

Additional product information is available online at www.evercoat.com 


ITW Evercoat Launches Innovative Body Filler for Large Industrial Vehicle Manufacturers
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