Tuesday, 22 March 2016 21:54

GM Approves Chief Equipment for Repairing 2016 Cadillac CT6

CHIEF GM Lineup 2016

Chief’s dust and fume extractors, aluminum dent repair station, MIG welder, collet set and structural holding package are the latest additions to a long list of GM-approved Chief collision repair products.

GM has approved a family of Chief aluminum-specific tools and equipment to repair collision damage on the new Cadillac CT6.

GM requires all facilities repairing collision damage on the CT6 to use approved aluminum-specific tools and equipment. Structural repair parts for the vehicle are only sold to certified shops that have purchased approved equipment and attended training. 

“Chief has the largest installed base of collision repair systems in North America, so pairing the approved Chief equipment you already own with our approved aluminum-specific shop tools and equipment is an easy, cost-effective way to qualify for CT6 certification” says Richard Perry, OEM and strategic account manager for Chief. “We worked closely with GM to develop a portfolio of aluminum-specific tools and equipment that fulfills the new and unique repair demands of the CT6. We’re proud that a large portion of the collision repair equipment in the GM Tech Center where the OEM repairs many of its own fleet cars carries the Chief brand.”

The following CT6 special tools and equipment from Chief are GM approved:

  •  Mobile Dust Extractor - 80L tank (#105-CHD3001)
  • Mobile Dust Extractor - 63L tank (#105-CHD3002)
  • MultiTool Aluminum Dent Repair Station (#105-930001)
  • MultiMig 522 dual torch welder with standard and push-pull torches (#105-EL900010)
  • Mobile fume extractor (#105-CHF1001)
  • CT6 Structural Holding Package with Extension Package (#105-CK300003)
  • Aluminum collet set for measuring (#105-640200)

To learn more about any of the GM-approved equipment available from Chief, contact your local Chief distributor, call 800-445-9262 or visit www.chiefautomotive.com/Aluminum-Welding-Equipment/. Chief is active on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ChiefAutomotive, and Facebook, www.facebook.com/ChiefAutomotive. Chief videos are available at www.chiefautomotive.com/video-library 

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