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Herkules Adds Two New Lifts to BossLifts Line for Quick Lube

Boss Lifts Herkules VLH01

BossLift VLH01

Herkules Equipment Corporation has two new vehicle lifts joining the company’s BossLifts line this spring. The BossLift VLA06 provides pneumatic lifting power, while the BossLift VLH01 is the low profile hydraulic lift offered by the vehicle lift line.

Previewed at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas last November as the T515, the VLA06 leverages the airbag technology of the company’s popular T200 (now VLA03) lift to offer a straight vertical lift with a raised height of up to 29 inches. It does this by using two platforms, each 31 inches by 67.5 inches, placed on each side of the quick lube pit. The VLA06 has a lift capacity of ten thousand pounds (10,000 lbs.), and a lowered height of only 4.25 inches.

The company’s low profile hydraulic lift for shops, the VLH01, was previewed last spring in prototype form as the T260. Like the VLA03, the VLH01 offers a straight vertical lift with a raised height up to 32 inches on two platforms, each 19.25 inches by 53.5 inches, with a lift capacity of eight thousand pounds (8,000 lbs.) and a lowered height of 4.625 inches.

BossLifts Herkules VLA06 2

BossLift VLA06


“The response to our American-made, straight vertical pneumatic lifts was great,” Todd Bacon, Herkules President and CEO remarked. “Leveraging the technology and capabilities of our VLA03 lift, we developed two alternatives that offer similar functionality with the different capabilities our customers find valuable.” Kevin Prost, VP and CFO added, “The continued success of BossLifts by Herkules shows that there is a market for quality-built, American-made lifts within the US.” 

Established in 1984, Herkules Equipment Corporation is a USA-based manufacturer with four product lines. The Herkules line supports the Automotive Paint & Body Repair industry. BossLifts by Herkules supports the Oil Change and Tire Service markets with lifts and air jacks. EnKon by Herkules designs and manufactures Scissor Lift Table Systems for the assembly and manufacturing industries. Lastly, Bacon Family Fans by Herkules offers a line of energy-efficient, lightweight industrial fans. Herkules products are manufactured in Walled Lake, Michigan.

For more information, visit http://www.herkules.us/

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