Friday, 30 November 2007 17:00

I-CAR Exec McGee Resigns

Tom McGee has stepped down from his role as president and CEO of the Inter-industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR), sparking a reorganization of the responsibilities of I-CAR and the I-CAR Education Foundation.


Although he left for personal reasons, at the request of the Executive Committee of the I-CAR Board of Directors, McGee has agreed to remain with I-CAR to serve as the Director of Industry Relations and Product Operations.


“I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve the I-CAR organization in many different capacities, most recently as president and CEO. While my personal situation has necessitated the need to step down from my current role, I am very pleased to have been provided by the I-CAR Executive Committee with the opportunity to remain with the organization in a capacity that I believe will allow me to continue to contribute to the organization and its future within the collision industry,” stated McGee.


Following McGee’s decision to step down from the role of president and CEO, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of I-CAR International John Edelen and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the I-CAR Education Foundation Chris Evans announced a re-organization which will streamline operations bring increased focus and align resources around industry market segments and activities.

Evans advised, “The  re-focusing of the I-CAR Education Foundation on the philanthropic activities in support of inter-industry technical training and development is consistent with the intent of our founders.

“In addition, having the interests of the education market fully represented in I-CAR International’s content development and training delivery priorities and decisions will ensure that the efficient and effective servicing of the training needs of the Education segment will continue.”


Earlier this year, the I-CAR Education Foundation’s Board of Trustees approved a plan to re-focus the I-CAR Foundation on fundraising, grant activity, and scholarships. As a consequence of this re-positioning, the Education segment, which has long been served by the Education Foundation, is migrating to I-CAR International.

In anticipation of the migration of the Education segment, I-CAR International has undertaken an evaluation of its organization and, as a result, is restructuring to provide more direct alignment and linkage to the industry segments that it serves.

“The rapidly increasing pace of change in vehicle design and manufacture has a direct impact on I-CAR,” noted Edelen. “As vehicle design and materials drive new and more complex repair techniques and technologies, I-CAR needs to be better positioned to identify and address the training needs of the inter-industry that are associated with these developments. The inter-industry needs a more focused, forward-looking, nimble and responsive I-CAR.”




Edelen continued: “We would like to thank Tom McGee for agreeing to assume the position of Director of Industry Relations and Product Operations following his decision to step down from his role as president and CEO. “The organization and the industry have been fortunate to have Tom’s talent and energy to call upon during some very challenging years. We are confident that Tom will continue to contribute to the success of I-CAR in this new role, for which he is uniquely suited.”

 “Tom will bring focus and expertise to industry relations at an industry leadership level. Tom will continue to build upon the excellent relationships he has forged with the associations, representatives, and thought-leaders in the auto collision inter-industry.


“In addition, Tom is charged with a review of I-CAR’s process of training content design and delivery, with the specific objectives of improving the ‘opportunity identification to product delivery’ cycle-time, the quality of content, and the efficiency with which it is developed and produced.”

Marketing and distribution

Another key step in streamlining the organization and bringing product design closer to the marketplace that I-CAR serves is the creation of a Marketing and Distribution organization under the leadership of Director Joyce Kasmer. This area will include: Product Design and Product Marketing, Field Operations and Volunteer Relations, and Corporate Marketing. A feature of this new organization is the creation of six Market Segment Teams, to ensure that within I-CAR’s operations the “voice of the customer” for the six industry segments – collision repair; vehicle insurance; vehicle manufacturing; tool, equipment and supply; education, training and related research; and, other related industry services – is sought and utilized to shape the direction of I-CAR’s activities in the future.


Consistent with this direction, former Education Foundation Executive Director Ron Ray will join the Marketing and Distribution organization, representing the interests of the education, training, and related research segment.


Internally, a number of functions will be centralized under Finance and Administration, to gain economies of scale and ensure optimal resource utilization. I-CAR’s Controller Mike Brey will assume responsibility for the area of Finance and Administration.


Corporate Administration will continue to be the responsibility of Margaret Knell. Shirley Pincus will continue to be responsible for I-CAR’s Human Resource Systems. “These changes represent the recognition that I-CAR needs to re-position itself relative to the needs of the industry segments we serve, and to improve upon our ability to respond to industry concerns, needs, and opportunities,” stated Edelen.

“We are building on the strong foundation of I-CAR’s technical expertise, and the great support from the inter-industry, our employees and volunteers. These changes are designed to improve the quality and relevance of our training and its delivery, and to enhance our abilities to support the training administration needs of the inter-industry, now and in the future.”

Chairmen Evans and Edelen have advised that both the I-CAR Education Foundation Board of Trustees and I-CAR International Board of Directors have initiated a search process for chief staff executives for the newly re-structured I-CAR organizations. In the interim, the Executive Committees of each organization will work closely with staff leadership and with the industry to ensure a successful migration to the new organizational structures. In the interim, John Edelen, will be available on-site to assist staff during the transition.


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