Friday, 11 March 2016 20:10

Mirka USA Introduces Aquastar® to Abrasives Product Line

Mirka USA recently introduced Aquastar® to their abrasives product line. Aquastar is a film abrasive providing flexibility, and durability for hand sanding, either wet or dry, accoding to a company press release.

Aquastar® was developed with a pattern consisting of multiple abrasive zones surrounded by interconnected channels. This channel system provides flexibility while minimizing the amount of water used in the sanding process, allowing debris to flow freely away from the abrasive, according to a company press release The pattern design also allows Aquastar® to be used in any direction.

Aquastar® can be used for wet sanding of clear coats and primers, automotive OEM applications, mold and plug sanding in Marine applications, dry sanding small areas and spot sanding.

For more information, visit www.mirka.com/en-US/us/

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