Wednesday, 09 March 2016 21:57

CREF Welcomes Support from Craftsman® Brand and Sears Auto Centers

The Collision Repair Education Foundation announced a commitment from the Craftsman brand and Sears Auto Centers to support the Education Foundation’s upcoming collision career fairs around the country and provide Craftsman tools for collision students.

“It’s a natural for Sears and the Craftsman brand to support auto mechanic students,” said Tom Park, president of Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard brands at Sears Holdings. “Because the Craftsman brand is the nation’s most trusted tool brand and our Craftsman Club Tech Student Discount Program offers up to 50 percent off a student’s first mechanics’ tool set and storage purchase. In addition, Sears Auto Centers serve Americans through more than 600 locations nationwide. We’re happy to help tech students get their careers started in the right direction while using Craftsman tools.”

Collision Repair Education Foundation Director of Development Brandon Eckenrode noted, “I would like to thank the Craftsman brand and Sears Auto Centers for both their monetary and in-kind support. We’re thrilled to be working with Sears and look forward to not only helping introduce high school and college collision students to additional employment opportunities but also work towards providing students with the tools that are needed to begin their careers.”

The Collision Repair Education Foundation’s collision career fairs are open to all industry members. Sponsorship funds raised through these career fairs assist the organization’s efforts to ensure that collision school programs have the needed tools, equipment, and supplies to graduate as qualified, skilled entry-level employees.

Industry members interested in participating in the career fairs and meeting with high school and college collision students can view additional information online and are also encouraged to contact Director of Development, Brandon Eckenrode at Brandon.Eckenrode@ed-foundation.org or 847.463.5244 for sponsorship and participation information.

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