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Thursday, 03 March 2016 22:09

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions Launches The Rove

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, a company that specializes in providing compressed air filtration and dryer products, announced a new product in its line of clean air solutions.

The Rove was created to provide the industry with a versatile filtration and drying system that can be easily wheeled across a shop or transported to another location where dry air is required.

“Its unique quick-connect design makes the system extremely user friendly and provides waterborne-ready air for point-of-use applications,” said Steve Thompson (Sales Manager, PBE).

He said that depending on the facilities air consumption, the Rove can provide down to -80° dew points for the entire facility.

Developed for release in March of 2016, Steve Thompson said that The Rove is changing the way body shops deliver dry air to their applications.

The company’s other products include the Ultra Drying System, Moisture Minder Automatic Drain, and Ultra-flo Spray Hose

For more information contact, Chase Marshall, cmarshall@gosuburban.com, 1-800-782-5752 or www.tsunami.us.com 

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions™ is based in Monticello, Minnesota.

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