Thursday, 03 March 2016 21:33

Assured Performance Network announced on February 25 major enhancements to their 5-Step Certification Validation Process, in concert with the launch of a proprietary mobile App, for use by hundreds of their on-site Inspectors.

According to a company press release, the Assured Performance Certification “proof of compliance” is completely transparent, employs numerous checks and balances, and follows ISO and GAAP compliant steps - unlike programs that rely on subjective verifications and manually checking a box. Assured Performance on-site Inspectors will use a patent pending Smart App.

To become Assured Performance Certified, shops must provide proof of compliance, then pass an on-site audit, and several comprehensive internal reviews. To electronically document all of the requirements with consistent efficiency, Assured Performance has developed a mobile App and integrated its use with the OEM required training and testing. Now, trained Inspectors will follow a consistent inspection workflow providing electronic images, scans and notes, with the ability to upload the information to the web for additional internal auditing. It requires the Inspectors to take photos on-site in-sequence. The App guarantees high quality images, software designed to enhance the organization of the hundreds of documents and pins them to the shop, inspection, and location.

The Assured Performance 5-Step Certification Validation Process begins with a capability assessment supported by electronic documentation, as the initial “proof of compliance” step. The information then uploaded to the App is reviewed by an internal Account Manager to rectify any deficiencies and complete compliance prior to step 2, the on-site inspection audit. Then, a trained and tested Inspector provides the audit while electronically documenting all possession and use of the various tools, equipment, and facility modifications required by participating OEMs.

“Our Inspectors must always be above reproach and efficient and consistent as they document the shops proof of compliance.” stated Michael Quinn, Executive VP of Assured Performance. “We built this special App and added it to our 5-Step Certification Validation Process to help our network achieve an even higher level of excellence and integrity.”

Since the establishment of Assured Performance OEM Certification, all the electronic documentation has been web-based and organized in the shop’s profile for review at any time. Now, the Assured Performance Inspectors will use the new tool, Inspection Audit App, on smart-phones, tablets, laptops, and/or other mobile devices to provide and enhance the secondary electronic “proof of compliance” for the thousands of shops participating in certification across the country.

Next in the process, an internal auditor will review the inspector’s uploaded report and visual documentation. Last, a final review by a representative of the participating OEM, to ensure all requirements have been fulfilled before official Certification is granted. The new Inspection Audit App will annually save thousands of man-hours, increase the quality of documentation with mobile access through an organized infrastructure, and add greater integrity to the work product. The Inspection Audit App was created exclusively by Assured Performance for the affiliated on-site inspector auditors. The App is available now for a free download on iOS and Google Play.

For more information, contact Assured Performance visit: http://www.assuredperformance.net