Wednesday, 31 October 2007 10:00

Schwarzenegger vetoes AB1483

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger returned Assembly Bill 1483 to the legislature without his signature. In vetoing the bill, the governor stated:  “While I am generally supportive of consumer protection laws, the provisions of this bill are duplicative of existing law and therefore unnecessary.  In fact, these provisions may lead to increased expenses and decreased efficiency at automotive repair dealers, which could result in reduced customer service and higher costs passed onto the consumer.”

The governor’s comments reflected those of the California Autobody Association (CAA) who unsuccessfully lobbied state representatives to rejecxt the measure. After the measure had passed through the legislature, the CAA continued its efforts to stop the bill when it asked the governor for his veto and turned to its members and asked them to also contact the governor.

CAA Executive Director David McClune said that “from the beginning we felt that this was not a strong enough consumer bill the way it was worded. The bill that ended up on the Governor’s desk was not going to help consumers and was unnecessary. We organized a strong movement within our membership to oppose this bill – we had over one hundred members, that we know of, that wrote letters to the governor opposing the bill. We were fortunate that the governor got our message.”

 “This was an important victory for consumers and shops in California,” commented Monte Elberton, Fender Mender, Encinitas. “Kudos to both the CAA and the governor for saving our industry and the consumers we serve from more costly, time consuming and unnecessary paperwork. A message was sent that CAA members can make a difference in Sacramento. AB 1483 was masquerading as consumer protection legislation but the CAA knew the truth, and exposed the bill as the waste of time and resources that it really was.”