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Vibac Aims for An Even More Productive 2016 with the Release of New Automotive Tapes

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Vibac Canada Inc., a global adhesive tape manufacturer, has all the backing necessary from both their products and the shops, to keep a strong hold on success for 2016.

After proving the potential of Vibac's masking tape 313 yellow in 2015, the Montreal-based company introduced two new masking tapes- 204 orange and 314 blue - at the November 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Both will hit the market at the end of the first quarter of 2016.

Autobody News reached out to Black Horse Body Shop in Plymouth Meeting, PA for the October 2015 Shop & Product showcase, to see if the walk matched the talk.

“Everyone says their product is the best. I like to see for myself,” said co-owner John Sr. “As a shop owner I have to make sure everything works as perfectly as possible without redos, so it was a simple test to take a strip of tape along with the competitors and mask a van or trailer and just leave it outside in the summer weather. At 90 plus degrees, direct sunlight, rain, moisture, constant heating and cooling are going to destroy all but the very best tapes. The weak ones break, they sliver, and the glue transfers and creates a mess that no shop wants to deal with.”

After the “torture test,” he concluded that there was no glue or adhesive transfer, and because of the lack of issues, the shop's production “stays high.” John Sr. added that he was impressed with the way the masking tape 313 yellow stood up to the wet and dry cycles in the paint booth, and that he was able to remove it without any problems.

Rewind to the pre-NACE Shop & Product Showcase, published in June 2015. Autobody News reached out to Beyer Collision Center in Alexandra, VA, to ask about their experience with Vibac products, and experienced a similar reaction.

Allen Andre, 53, body shop manager, said he gets a lot of high-end cars in his shop as he is located near Washington, D.C.

Andre and his painter, Donnie Stemetski, adhere to the theory that masking tape is something you should be able to rely on and then forget about. “If it works, it works and that’s the best review I can give you,” Andre said. “The masking tape 313 yellow holds the paper down. We haven’t had one single comeback or re-paint with this tape. Switching to this product about 18 months ago has definitely been a smart move.”

With at least two prominent shops singing their praise of the masking tape 313 yellow, it's safe to say the industry should be excited about the latest Vibac creations.

Vibac Marketing Manager, Lion Sedov, characterizes the three masking tapes as “good, better, and best” in the following order: masking tape 207 orange, masking tape 313 yellow, and masking tape 314 blue.

“Our yellow tape 313 is considered the best all-around tape for many different applications that the market demands” said Sedov. “The industry has a need for a variety of performance levels in masking tapes and Vibac is looking to fill the need by providing three different levels of product offerings with an extra punch in creating value to customers on all levels.”

The VIBAC Group has been making a wide variety of pressure sensitive tapes since the 1970s, specifically catering to most all automotive applications. In summer 2015, Vibac opened yet another new production facility for high performance masking tapes in Europe with the latest technological advancements.

For more information on Vibac products, visit www.vibacgroup.com or contact Marketing Manager Lion Sedov at (514) 640-0250, lion.sedov@vibac.com.

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