Friday, 31 August 2007 17:00

Suit Against Ferrantes Thrown Out

In August, Dick Strom told the story of Chris and Carol Ferrante – “You don’t have to be guilty to be hanged.” Although they were no longer owners of Gilbert Collision Center, the Ferrantes  were named in a suit brought against the business by Infinity Insurance, turning their world upside down – sullying their reputations and costly them financially.

        On August 1, Judge Carey Snyder Hyatt ruled that Infinity Insurance Company’s claims against Christopher and Carol Ferrante and their former company, Gilbert Collision Center, be dismissed and that they be compensated for the costs they incurred during the litigation.

        “The suit was filed against the wrong people, for the wrong reasons,” stated Ferrante. “As soon as the judge saw the motion for summary judgment, he dismissed the charges against us and ordered Infinity to pay court costs, which they are contesting and still refusing to pay.”

      Continued Ferrante, “Infinity knew all along that the we were not involved in any of this – we never collected money from Infinity, and were simply never involved. Infinity, however, did not do their research and based their suit on old and incorrect information. Everything they needed to know was part of the public record. There is even evidence that Infinity called Gilbert Collision Center and were told that we were no longer involved in the business.”

        As if the meritless lawsuit were not enough, Arizona’s East Valley Tribune ran a front page article alleging that the Ferrantes had been accused of fraud. Although the Ferrante’s “Request for Summary Judgment” was soon granted, the damage to their previously unblemished reputations was archived forever. A defamation suit was filed against the Tribune’s parent company, Freedom Arizona Information, and is still pending.


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