Wednesday, 27 January 2016 20:38

Mitchell VP Predicts Parts Utilization on Average Estimate Will Decrease After Peaking in December; Enterprise Length of Rental Update


In the northeast area of the United States, Pennsylvania and Delaware both had a declining number of days (.9) with Pennsylvania at 10.7 days and Delaware at 11.2.

Maryland was up .6 days to 11.2. New York grew .3 days to 12.3, New Jersey came in at 11.6 and Connecticut decreased .4 days to 11.6.

Rhode Island has the longest LOR at 15.5 days with an increase of 1.1 days. Massachusetts followed with 14.3 days, the second highest in the country, up .5 days.


In terms of DRP repairs, La Viola noted that the difference between DRP and non-DRP repairs is continuing to grow with DRP repairs dropping by 2.65 days. “This is due to processes in the DRP model that allow collision repair shops to begin repairs quicker than non-DRP shops,” he said.


The full quarterly industry report can be accessed online: http://www.mitchell.com/thought-leadership.

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