Wednesday, 27 January 2016 20:38

Mitchell VP Predicts Parts Utilization on Average Estimate Will Decrease After Peaking in December; Enterprise Length of Rental Update


In the midwest area of the United States, LOR stayed the same (10.3 days) compared to the third quarter of 2014. LaViola said the majority of states had a mild summer, which helped keep LOR down.

The largest increase in LOR was in Missouri, up .6 days to 10.4. He said this was due to hail in the area, which increased the number of claims.

Kentucky had the highest LOR in the area with 12 days and Ohio came in at 10.8 days.

Nebraska at 9.4 days and Michigan with 10.7 days both declined by .8 days. Other declining states were South Dakota, down .7 days to 9.9, Iowa at 9 days, Illinois at 10.2 days and Indiana at 10.4.

Kansas came in at 10.3 days and Wisconsin was 8.6. The two states with the lowest LOR in the country were Minnesota and North Dakota, both at 8.6 days.

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