Friday, 22 January 2016 11:13

Spanesi Americas Distributors Across the Country Receive Awards and Recognition


2015 Spanesi Americas Distributor of the Year Chad Neal (center) from Paint Works with Timothy Morgan and Cristina Spanesi

Spanesi Americas recently recognized individual distributors for their 2015 contributions and accomplishments during its Distributor Sales and Training Meeting. 

Among those recognized was Texas Distributor Chad Neal of Paint Works in Tyler, Texas.

"We were very happy to recognize Chad Neal for his contributions and accomplishments during 2015 to the Spanesi organization," said Timothy Morgan, Managing Director of Spanesi Americas. "Chad and his organization earned the Spanesi 2015 Top Distributor of the Year award for their sales accomplishments. Not only did Chad earn the Top Sales award, but he also was recognized for Top Sales during the 2nd Quarter, Top Sales during the 4th Quarter, and Most Improved Distributor 2014 - 2015."

In addition to these awards, Chad also won a sales contest for Top Sales during the Sales Period July 1 to December 31, 2015. As the winner of this sales contest, Chad was awarded a trip to Italy for two people.

California distributor Tim Williams from Williams Collision Equipment was recognized for Top Sales during the 3rd Quarter. "We are very fortunate to have Tim on the Spanesi team," said Tim Morgan, Managing Director of Spanesi Americas.

"Obtaining the Top Sales Award during the 3rd quarter is an accomplishment that shows the tremendous experience that Tim brings to his local market and Spanesi.

During the meeting, Spanesi also recognized Florida Distributor Steve Smith of Automotive Collision Equipment - Florida as "Distributor Rookie of the Year" and Great Lakes Sub-Distributor Karl Kirschenman of K2 Consulting Group as "Sub-Distributor Rookie of the Year."

"Spanesi has continued to grow in both sales and in customer support during 2015. That growth is not possible without having a sales team that includes talented individuals like Steve Smith and Karl Kirschenman," Morgan said. "Not only did Steve have a great first year in sales, but he also launched a training center at his Florida facility and provided support to several other Spanesi projects during the year."

Morgan continued by stating "During 2015 Karl Kirschenman joined the organization as a sub-distributor. In addition to learning the product line and having a great sales period, Karl also provided much needed and valued support to the organization and to the distribution network."

"We look forward to continuing to grow both in sales and customer support during 2016. We can only do that by continuing to have the best-of-the-best on the Spanesi team" said Timothy Morgan, Spanesi Managing Director.

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