Tuesday, 31 July 2007 10:00

Auto recycling project begins in Louisiana

DRC Inc. and the state of Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) have begun a significant remediation of approximately 10,000 automobiles and other vessels that were irreparably damaged by Hurricane Katrina.
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DRC, which earlier had been awarded the contract to handle the collection of the vehicles, is now undertaking the large project of removing any hazardous materials, as well as mercury switches from the vehicles it has collected. The company began the remediation project in the middle of June.

Further, the company subcontracted a mobile auto crushing operation to handle the crushing of the vehicles.

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A spokesperson for DRC says that, while originally the plan was to halt the collection of vehicles by June 30, the collection program extended through July. The company hopes to have the crushing of the vehicles completed within 90 days.

Once the crushing is complete the company will be looking to auction off the remaining crushed automobiles to scrap recyclers.