Tuesday, 29 December 2015 23:54

Body Shop in Spokane, WA Helps Mom with Trashed Car

City South Auto Body


A local auto body shop stepped up to help a mom in need this holiday season.

On December 22, KREM 2 told Stephanie Roderick's story about a grinch who tried to steal her Christmas. Her car was stolen and gutted before it was finally returned to her.

"It's horrible, it's hard being a single mom and I've tried everything to make it by myself," said Roderick. "This $500 is 90% of my rent money, so to face having to buy a new car or replace what I have it's hard."

Thanks to City South Auto Body Center, she does not have to make that choice.

Within ten minutes of airing the story, KREM 2 got a call from City South Auto Body. They offered to repair the car for free, and not for the publicity. We posted the act of kindness on our Facebook page, and it was many of our viewers who asked for the name of the shop responsible.

"The family that owns the car is kind of strapped this year like a lot of families are, we decided to take it in and give this family a good Christmas present," said Elmer Smith of City South.

Smith said they will replace the glass in two broken windows, replace her tires, and even re-key the locks.

"Tires will be a big issue. We kind of looked at them and we just kind of made the determination that we should step up and go ahead and get new tires on it because it's a family running in this thing and we want them to be as safe as possible," said Smith.

City South Auto Body Center will also replace the car seat stolen from inside the car.

"There's times that you know businesses have to step up and take the hit and take care of the community and this is one thing we're doing, take care of the community and make sure the young lady that owns this car and her kids are safe on the road when it leaves here."

Roderick called KREM 2 on Wednesday in tears. She said she was overwhelmed by how generous the company is and said it is all more than she could have ever expected.

Roderick received her car back in time for Christmas.

We would like to thank KREM.com for reprint permission.