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Wind Storm Leaves WA Auto Body Shops Booked Through Mid-Jan

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Auto body shops in Spokane are backlogged trying to fix cars damaged by Nov. 17 wind storm

The record-setting wind storm that knocked out power to thousands and downed hundreds of trees did significant damage to vehicles as well.

While roofers are backlogged with repairs, auto body shops are as well. River City Body Shop is just one of many in Spokane that are slammed with storm damage calls.

Brianne Rasmussen, the shop manager at River City said they are booked through mid-January.

"Because of that windstorm auto body shops around town are what you could honestly consider to be the ER of cars," Rasmussen said, "and now because of the slick roads and the snow, it's only getting busier."

Countless tow trucks, and hundreds of cars still in the pipeline, she said body shops are only getting busier.

"Trees are now just starting to get off cars, so they're just starting to bring them in," she said. "And then the slick roads we've gotten because of the freezing rain, we're writing estimates nonstop."

She said she is seeing a large number of cars that suffered damage from roof shingles. Trees have totaled more cars than Rasmussen said she has ever seen.

"We had a dodge come in that was completely caved in," she said.

Rasmussen's advice is if you car is still driveable to consider yourself lucky.

"Just get the estimate, get the ball rolling, and wait till you get in because everybody's busy."

The November 17 wind storm was one of the worst the Inland Northwest had seen. Two people died from the storm and many were without power, internet and other services through the Thanksgiving holiday.

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