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Monday, 02 July 2007 11:22

Akzo Nobel waterborne system meets Toyota technical specifications

After extensive testing, Akzo Nobel has received confirmation from Toyota Motor Corporation Japan of the waterborne repair products meeting their specification.
    With the ever increasing demands of customers for environmentally acceptable vehicles and vehicle refinishing solutions, Akzo Nobel has been working with Toyota Motor Corporation in the testing of its waterborne repair products.
    Sikkens Autowave basecoat and the unique waterborne Sikkens Autoclear WB have been subjected to extensive testing according to the Toyota repair standard.
    With the rapid spread of environmental regulations across North America, and the industry agreements on VOC reduction in Japan and Korea, it is very timely to receive the information on the technical testing of these key products.
    “With the increasing importance of the environment for the Chinese government, as the Olympics approach, Toyota and Lexus are actively considering waterborne technology” according to David Townsend, Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes Marketing Manager China “and this news will greatly help us in developing our business.”