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Friday, 29 June 2007 16:43

BAR offers onsite presentations of industry laws and clean air regulations

    Registered Automotive Repair Dealers (ARDs) may schedule free Write it Right presentations by contacting BAR program representatives at any of the 12 field offices located throughout the State. Office numbers are listed on the back page of the Auto Repair & Smog Check News or through the website, www.smogcheck.ca.gov.
    An owner or manager can ask any representative to schedule a presentation by filling out a “Request for Speaker” form which is available at all BAR field offices. The form should include the preferred date and time for the presentation, which can be held before, during, or after business hours. BAR representatives make every effort to meet the desired date requested.
    The free presentations are usually held at the station requesting the forum or at another place the station’s representative designates. Audience sizes range from as few as two or as many as the selected location can accommodate.
    ARDs should be aware that there are three separate Write it Right publications that cover such key areas as:
    • General Auto Repair
    • Smog Check
    • Auto Body
    “A Write it Right presentation benefits both the staff of shops and technicians because it helps them understand and increase their knowledge of the laws that regulate their industry,” said Don Johnson, supervisor of the Automotive Repair Program in the San Jose field office.
ARB highlights clean air successes
    Enforcement efforts by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) cut air pollution by more than 100 tons per day in 2005, according to ARB’s Annual Report of Enforcement Activities.
    Some key highlights presented in the report are:
    • Closed 1,576 cases/citations
    • Collected $11,839,500 in penalties
    • Increased enforcement of the commercial vehicle and railroad idling programs
    • Inspected more than 17,000 heavy-duty vehicles
    • Performed more than 1,200 commercial and school bus idling inspections
    • Inspected more than 1,000 gasoline cargo tank trucks
    • Took more than 1,800 consumer product samples during inspections
    • Emphasized heavy-duty diesel vehicle enforcement at the California-Mexico border; at the Long Beach, Los Angeles and Oakland ports and other environmental justice areas
    State law gives ARB direct authority to regulate pollution from motor vehicles as well as the responsibility for controlling emissions from statewide sources of air pollution, toxic air contaminants, and consumer products. Additionally, ARB oversees the efforts of 35 local air pollution agencies.
    Other benefits include improved customer relations for shop owners and technicians, according to Robert Fugh, Riverside Automotive Repair Program supervisor. “We always have real-life situations dealing with customers that come up during our discussion,” he added.
    Program representatives also make presentations to consumer groups, educational institutions, and industry organizations upon request. In the Oceanside field office, program representatives provide a variety of presentations to students in automotive technology classes in high schools and community colleges, particularly those that are “Clean Air Car Course” institutions.
    “We ask that the presentation request form be faxed or mailed to the nearest  field office,” said Fresno Field Office Supervisor Bill Malone. “We also encourage all employees at a shop to attend —even the cashiers — because they deal directly with the paperwork and the customer.”
    In addition, the presentations can be custom designed. ARDs may specify which topics they would like to have the BAR representative cover. Typically, a presentation will last from about 30 minutes to an hour or two, including a question-and-answer period, a review of materials, and a general discussion of issues that may arise during the presentation. It may also include a PowerPoint presentation that has been developed from the Write it Right pamphlet.