Wednesday, 21 October 2015 21:19

Green Standards to Help Auto Manufacturers Gain Consumer Confidence

Green Service Standard (GS2) Committee Director, Tony Passwater announced on October 21 that the organization has added two authorities to its team. Hampden Kuhns, PhD specializes in energy efficiency and will be assisting the committee along with Kevin McCartney, a specialist in automotive diagnostic procedures for prominent O.E. manufacturers.

The committee's Chairman Steven Schillinger said, "This is an exciting addition to our green team. Dr. Kuhns lives, eats and sleeps going green and Kevin McCartney has the ear of major automotive manufacturers. They are both established experts in their respective fields and bring increased credibility to the green scoring standards we are building; all of which will be communicated to the public. We welcome their assistance in authenticating science-based metrics and measures as well as conducting blind studies of our educational policies and procedures to prove measured effectiveness.”

Dr. Kuhns is a research professor at the Nevada Desert Research Institute. He has been a principal investigator and an active member in dozens of research studies focused on motor vehicle emissions and is the founder of LoadIQ, an innovative energy metering company based in Reno, Nevada. His company received two Small Business Innovation Research Awards from the National Science Foundation and was a finalist in the California Clean Tech Open Business Competition. He is an inventor with two issued and three pending patents related to building energy metering. Throughout his career as a professor he has published more than 40 articles in peer reviewed journals.

Kevin S. McCartney is a five-time Ford Motor Company Certified Training Program award winner. His experience in vehicle diagnostics spans more than 28 years as a master technician, manager, instructor, master trainer, consultant and technical writer/editor. McCartney also has extensive research and development experience of alternative fuel, hybrid electric and human powered vehicles. As an Adjunct Professor at De Anza College in Cupertino, California, Mr. McCartney directed the Environmental Clean Air Car Technician certification program.

For more information on the Green Service Standard, visit their website at www.greenservicestandard.com.

The following related information was released by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) in response to the National Academy of Sciences Research Council report on fuel economy:

“Automakers are providing consumers with greater fuel economy, offering almost 500 models that achieve 30 MPG or higher on the highway. Although manufacturers can produce vehicles that achieve high mileage, consumers must be able to afford them and want to purchase them to raise fuel economy overall. In fact, the success of the CAFE standards depends so much on what consumers buy that the government’s program should be called ‘Consumers Average Fuel Economy.’

“Consumer choice is complex, with many needs and desires at play, and low fuel prices are causing sales of the most fuel-efficient models to fall well below expectations. Today, automakers are using every technology available that can improve mileage and still keep vehicles affordable for Americans. Looking ahead, we will need to see much greater sales of our most energy-efficient vehicles, including electric vehicles, to meet the steep fuel economy standards.”