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Wednesday, 06 June 2007 10:47

Industry support of Texas state shop licensing legislation put on hold

    Bill Haas, Automotive Service Association (ASA) vice president of education and training, testified at the Texas state Capitol in Austin, Texas to voice support for shop licensing legislation for the state of Texas. The bill was left pending at the end of the legislative session and it is not yet known if it will be taken up in the next session in 2009.
    Texas state House Bill 2211 was left pending in the House committee on May 1 after public hearing and testimony was taken. The bill was left pending when did not pass out of committee by the end of the legislative session. Companion legislation, Senate Bill 1120, was also left pending with the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce.
    Texas state House Bill 2211 would establish an automotive repair-licensing program for the state of Texas. Both ASA-National and ASA-Texas support Texas state House Bill 2211, which was introduced by state Rep. Jim Murphy, R-133.
    Haas expressed ASA’s support for HB 2211, stating: “Texas automotive repairers have consistently communicated to ASA that they want an effective licensing program for the state of Texas that has input from automobile repairers. ASA-Texas held meetings around the state soliciting the views of automobile repair shop owners. ASA believes that House Bill 2211 is a product of the work of Texas repair shop leaders listening to shop owners around the state.
    “The Texas legislature is now positioned to move forward on automotive repair licensing legislation. Texas automotive repairers, like other Texas professionals, seek to make our industry better. Automotive repair licensing is the next step for moving our industry forward.”
    The companion legislation was  introduced in the Texas state Senate by Texas state Sen. John Carona, R-16. ASA also supports Carona’s legislation, Senate Bill 1120.
    ASA asked repairers across the state of Texas to send letters in support of the legislation. To send a letter of support, visit, www.TakingTheHill.com .
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