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Monday, 04 June 2007 17:02

GMAC Insurance becomes one of only a few companies to specify OEM parts

    GMAC Insurance announced its “SmartParts Promise,” a unique program that guarantees the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts in all collision repairs to ensure the best quality repairs possible after an accident. The benefit is immediately available free of charge to all policyholders nationwide.
    According to a study conducted by GMAC Insurance, more than half of Americans do not know if their insurance companies specify the use of OEM parts in repairs. This is not an issue drivers have to face until they have an accident.
    “Drivers who have just been in an accident have enough on their minds,” said Sheena Poe, chief claims officer at GMAC Insurance Personal Lines. “They shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of their repairs. With our SmartParts Promise, we do the legwork, making sure drivers receive OEM parts, so they can focus on getting back to their lives.”
    Linda Weatherly from Alabama was upset when she learned that her insurer had used aftermarket parts on her car.
    “I feel cheated. I had insurance, and the insurance was supposed to restore my vehicle to non-accident status. Why else would you have the car repaired? But I felt like they didn’t do that. They used inferior materials, so it wasn’t the same car anymore. If you pay for insurance, you shouldn’t have to be worried about the coverage.”
    As one of the few companies to specify OEM parts, GMAC Insurance allows its customers to have their car repaired with parts from the same company that originally built them. Customers can use the body shop of their choice or use a certified Gold Medal shop and receive a lifetime guarantee on repairs. The OEM parts policy does not extend to radiators, A/C condensers, windshields, and routine maintenance parts, such as batteries, spark plugs and oil filters.
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