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Wednesday, 02 May 2007 14:16

I-CAR presents award to SCRS in honor of the association’s 25 years of service

    In honor of 25 years of excellence in the collision industry, I-CAR presented the I-CAR Industry Excellence award to the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS). I-CAR President & CEO Tom McGee presented the award to SCRS Executive Director Dan Risley, Wednesday, April 11, at the SCRS 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, GA.
    “We have been very fortunate to have had the presence and influence of SCRS for the past 25 years and as they celebrate their 25th anniversary, we send our sincere thank you and congratulations on this accomplishment,” said Tom McGee, I-CAR President & CEO. “I-CAR has been very fortunate to have SCRS representation on the I-CAR International Board of Directors, with leaders such as Gene Hamilton, Chuck Sulkala, Bill Wicklund, and Rex Womble serving as Chairman of I-CAR
    It is through the work of organizations such as SCRS and its members that the collision industry continues to thrive in this ever changing world.”
    “SCRS is honored to receive recognition of this magnitude from I-CAR,” said SCRS Executive Director Dan Risley. “SCRS is extremely proud of the strong relationship between I-CAR and SCRS. In fact, SCRS National Director Chad Sulkala currently represents SCRS on the I-CAR International Board of Directors and serves on the I-CAR Executive Committee. This exemplifies the close ties between the two organizations. We look forward to working with I-CAR and collectively supporting the collision repair industry for another 25 years as ‘Working together is the most important work we do.’”
    The SCRS 25th Anniversary Celebration was held April 10 and 11 and included an anniversary reception, dinner and recognition awards, a presentation on the McCarran-Ferguson Act by attorney Trevor Hiestand from Harper, Waldon & Craig and a presentation on exotic metals by Dave Gruskos of Reliable Automotive Equipment. The association’s annual meeting and elections also took place. The dinner reception honored all of the past SCRS chairpersons, former staff, founding members and John Loftus, the first SCRS executive director and one of the most influential individuals in the industry.
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