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Wednesday, 02 May 2007 13:38

Shop licensing legislation introduced in Texas

    Automotive repair shop licensing legislation has been introduced in both the Texas state Senate and the Texas state House of Representatives.
    Senate Bill 1120 was introduced by Texas Sen. John Carona, (R-16), and House Bill 2211 by state Rep. Jim Murphy, (R-133). These are companion bills.
    If passed, the legislation will create an automobile service and repair advisory board that will consist of 12 members, including representatives of the automobile repair industry and consumers. The board will regulate proposed amendments and changes to the shop licensing requirements required by this legislation.
    “The Automotive Service Association has surveyed repair shops for a number of years. The surveys have consistently shown a strong interest by repairers in substantive licensing programs. ASA-Texas has held meetings around the state of Texas and has seen broad support for shop licensing. ASA supports the Texas licensing legislation and encourages Texas repair shop owners to contact their representatives and senators asking that they co-sponsor and support this legislation,” said Bob Redding, ASA Washington, D.C., representative.
    The legislation does not apply to those who do not expect compensation for the service of an automobile, those who service vehicles owned by educational facilities, owners of automobile fleets or their employees, franchised automobile dealers as defined by the legislation, or those who perform services on vehicles used primarily for the production, harvest, or transportation of livestock or crops.
    To send a letter to your representative and senator, go to ASA’s legislative Web site, www.TakingTheHill.com. Pre-written letters are available for your convenience.
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