Friday, 07 August 2015 18:22

Tesla Motors Selects Solera to Provide Collision and Customer Communication Services

Solera Holdings, Inc. announced on August 3 that its collision estimating and customer communication platforms were chosen by Tesla Motors for its global certified collision repair centers.

Through AudaExplore (U.S.) and Audatex (global), insurers and repairers will use the Solera solutions to process fast and accurate collision repair estimates and insurance claims on Tesla vehicles. Tesla will also leverage the AutoWatch platform within the Solera solution set to enhance both the driver experience and communication between Tesla and its customers.  

"We have worked closely with Tesla over the past several months to develop highly accurate and data-driven integrated solutions for Tesla's collision repair network," said Tony Aquila, Solera's founder, Chairman and CEO.  "Our goal is to fully leverage Solera's technology platforms to digitally transform the vehicle repair experience for all stakeholders."

Solera expects to roll out the Tesla-related products to all AudaExplore and Audatex licensed users in the coming weeks, starting in North America, Europe and China.

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