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Thursday, 05 April 2007 16:06

50 000th I CAR point awarded in Texas

 Five years after admitting its first school into membership, the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance awarded its 50,000th I-CAR point to a student at a career and technical school or college.
 “The Education Foundation is truly proud of this accomplishment,” said Ron Ray, Executive Director of the I-CAR Education Foundation. “50,000 is not just a number, but proof that we are making a difference in preparing capable entry-level candidates for careers in the collision industry.”
 Kyle Palmer, a graduate of Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas and employee of Leo Martin Chevrolet in Lake Jackson, Texas, was the recipient of the 50,000th point. Archie Watley, one of Palmer’s former collision repair instructors at Texas State Technical College said that Palmer is an extraordinary young man.
 “I have seen various examples of his talent and have been impressed by his work ethic, diligence, persistence, and intellectual integrity. He possesses a natural ability for decision making and problem solving. He must be a valuable asset to the company that employs him.”
 To celebrate this milestone, Palmer will receive an I-CAR class discount coupon, an I CAR Online Training redemption code, and a free subscription to “CollisionWeek.”
 As a participant in the Alliance, students have the option of earning I-CAR points for training completed while in the career and technical school or college setting. Upon graduation, the student or his/her employer then has the option to purchase those points at a discounted rate of up to 76 percent.
 Students are encouraged to use these points as a resume builder when applying for employment or to use these points to achieve their Platinum Individual™ designation.
 For a list of schools participating in the Alliance or to download a school or student application, visit the Education Foundation web site at www.ed-foundation.org or call (888) 722-3787.