Wednesday, 15 July 2015 23:23

Class Action Plaintiffs Attempt to Refute Chrysler’s Motion to Dismiss

“Chrysler has known about its leaky sunroofs for years … Chrysler failed to address the issue,” write attorneys for six Chrysler owners in response to the automaker’s motion to dismiss a nationwide class action lawsuit.

The owners have sued the automaker in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey over alleged sunroof issues.

“Since at least 1999, Chrysler’s factory installed sunroofs have leaked inside the vehicles of plaintiffs and thousands of purchasers and lessees. … It [Chrysler] has disseminated company-wide technical service bulletins and rapid response transmittals since 1999,” according to court documents. “However, maintenance booklets, promotional material and other Chrysler sale and lease documents failed to disclose that the sunroofs and other components required inspections and special maintenance. Chrysler also failed to disclose that its substandard sunroofs would leak even in the lightest rain shower.”

Chrysler failed to address the issue with owners, plaintiffs say.

“When plaintiffs and others sought repairs during the warranty period, Chrysler denied coverage, pointing to a ‘maintenance problem’ or ‘environmental issue’ or advising not to ‘park under trees’ or ‘drive down dirt roads.’ When Chrysler attempted warranty repairs, it provided at best, temporary and ineffectual fixes to get the vehicles to limp past the three-year, 36,000-mile warranty duration,” according to court documents. “Chrysler then washed its hands, disclaiming liability and leaving plaintiffs and others to bear their own repairs.”

In response to Chrysler’s motion to dismiss, attorneys write, “Plaintiffs respectfully that the court deny Chrysler’s motion to dismiss in its entirety.”

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