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Thursday, 05 April 2007 06:40

Calif. Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner backs Superior Court decision on auto rating

 California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner praised Superior Court Judge Loren McMaster’s recent decision to uphold the Department of Insurance’s victory on auto rating factors. The judgment concerns the weight to be given to automobile rating factors in an insurer’s rating plan, amendments which went into effect last August.
 “Today’s judgment is a victory for California ratepayers and for the Department of Insurance,” said Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner. “A driver’s insurance premiums should be primarily based upon their driving record, not simply the zip code in which they live.”
 The ruling is the latest victory in a long battle over auto rating factors. Over the past several months, some of the state’s largest auto insurers – including Auto Club of Southern California and USAA – filed applications to lower rates significantly for consumers.
 “The intent of Proposition 103 has been upheld today,” said Commissioner Poizner