Sunday, 31 December 2000 09:00

Ensera announces strategic partnership with BASF

As part of its strategic plan to create an online community for commerce, Ensera, Inc., www.ensera.com, eported today that it has finalized a progressive partnership agreement with BASF's Automotive Refinish Group.

Ensera, the Redwood Shores, California-based company is a leading provider of solutions that automate the marketplace process for the automotive collision repair industry.

"BASF is becoming a major participant in our online collision repair community," said Tony Aquila, Ensera's CEO and founder, noting that it further reinforces the value and power of Ensera's Internet-based systemfor suppliers to the industry. "The automotive refinishing group is extending its partnership with us to include an agreement to purchase Web development services from Ensera and to work with us to forge agreements with theirnew and existing repair facility and jobber customers nationally."

This agreement allows BASF's existing partners to leverage the power of the Internet via Ensera'sadvanced technology enabling better communication among participants in their distribution channel. Participantsin BASF's ColorSource program can now utilize Web sites hosted by Ensera to communicate valuable productinformation and utilize email capability. BASF will receive preferred placement in the supplier sections of Ensera'sonline community, as well as other branding opportunities. Ensera's approach to the automotive repair claimsprocess allows all the commercial participants and their consumers to transact, exchange, and share informationeasily via the Internet, thus reducing costs, repair cycle times and improving customer service.

"BASF operates with a philosophy of empowering our customers and partners with tools to enhanceproductivity and profits," said Al Winterman, BASF Group Vice President. "That strategy led BASF to make asignificant commitment to partner with Ensera because we recognize its ability to quickly penetrate the online market with a suite of tools geared for all components of the collision repair industry." As part of Ensera's rapidacceleration to create a true solution for the automotive collision repair marketplace, the firm has been buildingand solidifying its business operations since its founding in December 1999. This includes expanding partnerships,adding key personnel, developing new products and technology, securing financing and finalizing acquisitions.