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ASA Congratulates AudaExplore on Feather, Prime, Block Estimating Solution

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) applauds AudaExplore on its creation of the industry’s first estimating software solution for Feather, Prime and Block (FP&B).

Whenever a panel is repaired and a user-judgment time is entered, the new feature will allow an estimator the option of allocating some of the repair time to a new labor operation – Feather, Prime and Block – that will calculate as Refinish Labor (Rate Code 4).

AudaExplore has also created a new material calculation to address Feather, Prime and Block. This will operate in much the same way as Paint and Materials, as it will be a user-entered dollar value that will act as a multiplier for all FP&B hours in the estimate.

“AudaExplore has taken a significant step to help address a long-standing industry issue. They are truly pioneers and committed to helping repairers and insurers accurately document and estimate the necessary steps, as well as cost, to properly repair a vehicle," said Dan Risley, ASA president/executive disrector. "We appreciate AudaExplore’s willingness to tackle this issue and provide tools to better assist everyone who prepares or negotiates an estimate. An industry with less friction is a more efficient one. Today, there is a little less friction.”

According to AudaExplore, all of this information will be clearly displayed on the estimate as line items, as well as in the summary at the bottom of the estimate. The use of the Feather, Prime and Block feature is configurable at the discretion of the user.

The industry has recognized Feather, Prime and Block as a refinish operation necessary to perform quality repairs through the Collision Industry Conference. However, two collision repair summits and multiple shop-user focus groups held by AudaExplore within the past 14 months have clearly indicated that FP&B remains an industry concern.

This feature will help repairers to properly allocate labor resources within their shops and the materials need to be clearly addressed. In some states, regulations stipulate that FP&B labor has to be delineated as a refinish operation.

“We are very pleased that AudaExplore is the first provider to address this important issue and has created a software solution for the industry,” says Risley.

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