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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 21:37

In Reverse: 120 Years of Body-Building Changes

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Some technicians consider use of “glue” or epoxy to keep pieces of a car together as too new and heretical and something that will never work. If a part is not bolted, riveted or welded together, how will it ever hold? Yet, in 1984 Volvo announced the use of epoxy to tack-weld body parts together, thus reducing the number of conventional spot welds from 4,000 to 500.


Granted, body building, body-building material and the way automobile bodies must be repaired have seen some dramatic changes in a relatively short time, beginning with the Obama administration in January 2009 and the massive changes made to CAFÉ standards. But changes in the way vehicles are built and the way they need to be repaired have changed many times over the automobile’s history and will continue to evolve.


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