Monday, 04 January 2021 19:50

The Rise of the Electric Vehicles

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Rivian R1S Rivian R1S Jeff Johnson


...look at repair procedures and safety precautions. Repairers can be seriously hurt, or worse, if they don’t follow proper procedures.


What will happen with a collision-totaled vehicle? How will the battery be safely disposed of?


EV batteries must be properly disposed of according to EPA guidelines. Right now, there are two companies in the U.S. that can handle it. I am sure in the future as EV’s proliferate, additional companies will emerge.


In our case, the batteries we use are modular, so if one section is damaged or goes bad, it may be possible to replace only that module.


Will you have parts restrictions for EV parts?


Yes, on structural and electrical components.


What kind of personal protection clothing will technicians need to wear to work on your EV?


Depending on the work being done, a complete protective suit consists of a helmet with integrated special arc flash protection face shield, balaclava hood, arc flash protection jacket or lab coat, overpants, and three pairs of gloves including an inner cotton glove covered by an insulated rubber glove, covered by a leather glove. The outfit is completed by electric hazard-rated work boots.


Note: Audi recently announced a...

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