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The Rise of the Electric Vehicles

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...there is a growing number of commercial charging stations available.


Mark Allen, manager of collision, equipment and EV after sales service at Audi of America, was kind enough to answer a few questions.


Audi has been around for 100 years. Is this its first electric vehicle?


Audi has had hybrid electric cars since 2013. The e-tron is a completely new generation of vehicle for us and the first full-electric car.


Will you have a certified network to handle collision repairs on your electric vehicles?


Right now, we have no plans for a certified collision shop network for our electric vehicles. However, we are specifying that any mechanical or especially electrical work related to collision repair be completed by an Audi dealer. They have the training, tools and equipment to repair our electric cars properly and safely.


We allow our current Audi Authorized Collison Repairers to do collision repair work on the vehicle, but not battery or any HV electrical repairs. That must be done at the dealer.


What is the most important thing techs need to know before working on an electric vehicle?


Before touching our EV, or any EV, it’s important that repairers first...

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