Monday, 04 January 2021 19:50

The Rise of the Electric Vehicles

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Rivian R1S Rivian R1S Jeff Johnson


...especially a distribution center---a quick Google check revealed 76 Amazon distribution centers across 20 states---some collision shop or shops are going to need to keep those trucks running, and cycle time is going to be critical.


Amazon has committed to going emission-free by the year 2040, 10 years ahead of the guidelines set forth by the Paris Climate Agreement.


Terlep notes, “It won’t be long before shops will need to dedicate a portion of their shop and personnel to electric vehicles. Training and use of proper repair procedures will be crucial.”


Rivian representatives were not at liberty to discuss collision repair plans for their products at this time, instead deferring to an announcement in the spring of this year.




On deck for the more than 100-year-old company is the Audi e-tron for 2021, the “first electric SUV built with Audi DNA,” with a reported 402 horsepower, able to turn 0 to 60 mph in under 6 seconds with a 222-mile range. Starting at around $66,000, it features quattro® all-wheel drive. The e-tron also comes in a “Sportback” configuration.


Body construction is a combination of steel and aluminum. Audi’s goal is to have one-third of all its vehicles electrified by 2025.


The company’s website notes charging an Audi e-tron is as simple as contacting Amazon, who will have a local contractor set up a 120- or 240-volt, 50-amp charging outlet in the owners' garage. Away from home...

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