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The Rise of the Electric Vehicles

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Rivian R1S Rivian R1S Jeff Johnson


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The following article contains forward looking statements but do not imply endorsement for investment purposes. Other companies, such as Tesla, have firmly established market share and dominant market positions. ---Ed.

“Today, electric vehicles are a disruption in the collision repair world. But it won’t be long before they are mainstream… and the collision repair industry has to be ready,” said Frank Terlep, recognized industry leader and founder and CEO of Auto Techcelerators.


During Day 2 of the virtually-conducted November Collision Industry Conference, the Future Disruptions Committee, chaired by Terlep and well-known industry icon Jake Rodenroth, gave a presentation and conducted a panel discussion surrounding electric vehicles and what their advent could mean to the collision repair industry.


Given the gravity of the issues electric vehicles present, it is worth revisiting this subject in more depth.


“The future is coming at us with alarming speed,” said Terlep. “In less than 15 years, the UK wants to ban the sales of all except electric cars. In the U.S., California is following the same path.”


Rodenroth noted, “It seems like it wasn’t that long ago the industry was all talking about the use of high-strength steel and how to repair it. Then the discussion turned to aluminum and the all-aluminum Ford truck. Then it was ADAS systems and how to do proper post repair calibrations.


"Now it’s electric cars. I’m not sure we have all figured out high-strength steel yet and the industry has made several technological leaps since. We all need to come up to speed.”


In his CIC presentation, Terlep made note of some of the more dramatic changes...

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