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Your Online Presence

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Keep your social media fresh: Be sure to post new items regularly to keep people interested. Facebook pages that look “abandoned” are a major turn-off.


Mark Claypool, AAM, founder and CEO of Optima Automotive, a leader in the automotive repair industry for web design, social media management and search engine optimization also offers the following:


Many collision shop websites need to be refreshed: Many look old and dated and way behind the times


Make sure you have a “mobile-friendly" site: According to BroadBandSearch, an internet consultancy, in 2009, less than 1% of those people who had internet access used a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. Today, 51.5% of internet users use a mobile device. Can your site be viewed on a phone?


Make sure your message is clear: Let people know that you are an essential business and ready to serve your clients.


Make it easy to do business with you: There are a lot of people online but not everyone is internet savvy. Make it easy for your potential customer to contact you, upload a photo or request an estimate.


Drop-off and pick-up procedures: If you are still using social-distancing procedures, be sure to spell those out on your site.


Make sure you rank high in an internet search: Go to Google and search for a collision shop in your town. If your shop is not coming up at the top---or worse yet, not coming up at all---you may need to do some search engine optimization so people can find you.

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