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Friday, 09 October 2020 21:28

Your Online Presence

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In last month’s article I discussed how, due to the COVID pandemic and having limited mobility, more people were conducting more business online.

As this article is being written, more businesses are being opened and travel restrictions are easing, but many experts think the switch to greater e-commerce predicated by the pandemic will remain long afterwards. The “new” normal is a greater reliance on the internet to find and buy products and services.


Based on my last article, I looked at about 50 random body shop websites and Facebook pages. I looked for some shop websites based on a Yelp listing and never found the shop’s own site!


Here is what I learned.


Make sure all information is current: A couple sites showed information that was obviously old. Two noted---in August 2020---their shop was closed for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday in 2018.


Spelling counts: Remember when you were in third grade taking a test and you asked the teacher if spelling counted, and she said yes? Guess what. It still does.


Grammar counts: Correct grammar and proper syntax makes your message easier to read and understand, not to mention more professional-looking.


Make it easy to navigate: What is important to your customer? Your shop name, location, phone number, email address, hours of operation, how to find the shop on Google Maps and services available should be prominently displayed and easy to find. Granted, other information is important, but if they can’t find the most basic information, nothing else matters.


Make it easy to contact you: Make your phone number, email address or social media contact information prominent on your site. When you receive an inquiry, be sure to answer promptly. Nothing says “we don’t care about you” quicker than an unreturned contact.

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