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Is Your Shop Ready for A Riot?

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We have all heard about the rioting going on across the country. For months, at least a dozen cities have experienced businesses being burned, looted and extensively damaged.

Government instituted curfews have closed off whole sections of cities and shortened business hours causing businesses to lose income. It’s unnerving for everyone.


Fortunately, it would appear collision shops have dodged the bullet, so far. Industry leader Brandon Eckenrode, of the Collision Industry Foundation, indicated no shops have requested financial help from the organization due to riot damage.


Any business owner can’t help but wonder when the mayhem will stop, or if it will expand into their area of the city. This must be especially perplexing for body shop owners who, besides worrying about their own property and equipment, are entrusted with customers' vehicles, which must not only be repaired, but kept safe in the meantime.


To find out how collision shop owners can help protect themselves if faced with civil unrest, we contacted several insurance company representatives to ask their advice. Generally speaking, they were very helpful and we are grateful for their contribution, but they preferred not to have their name or company mentioned publicly.


Here are some of their major points:


Coverage for Civil Commotion


The riot (civil commotion) insurance coverage you may have, or may not have, is predicated on the state in which you operate your business, the insurance carrier and how your policy is written.

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