Tuesday, 24 March 2020 09:13

Honda Posts Additional Corrosion Protection Procedures

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American Honda on March 19 announced additional guidelines for proper corrosion protection when repairing Honda and Acura automobiles.

“Applying proper repair procedures and materials are important to ensure a quality collision repair, but they are also important to ensure a repair that withstands the abuse from everyday driving," the company said.


The additional procedures are provided in American Honda’s Body Repair News bulletins, dated March 2020, which can be found on the “free side” of their independent repair websites, techinfo.honda.com and techinfo.acura.com.


These bulletins provide a supplement to the company’s more inclusive body repair manual. Full access to the website is available free to all active ProFirst certified shops and available at a nominal free to all other shops.


The bulletin covers the use of epoxy primer, weld-through primer, seam sealers, undercoatings, use of cavity wax and more. The bulletin also refers several times to Service Bulletin 18-134, issued December 2018, for American Honda’s “Recommended Sealers and Adhesives for Collision and Body Repairs,” for more information on approved coatings.


Please see the March 2020 Body Repair News issues for more details.