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That’s It! He's Had It, Part 1

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Social media has changed the way we interact with each other, with our peers, and with the world.

The originators of Facebook thought it’d be fun to share a good experience you had at your favorite restaurant or share a picture of your little leaguer hitting the winning run, but it’s gone beyond that.


Monitoring the various collision-related Facebook pages, hardly a week goes by when some shop owner doesn’t create a post, lamenting their seemingly hopeless situation, dealing with insurance companies, dealing with customers that want everything “thrown-in,” including the deductible, and trying to find and keep good help. The post usually ends with “That’s it. I’ve had it!”


Then, the conversation usually goes like this: “I could close my shop, but then what would I do … work as a line tech for another shop? I’m still in my 40’s but the challenges of body work have wrecked my back and standing on concrete all day has wrecked my legs. This is the only job I’ve known since I was 16. What do I do now?”


The answer is – there’s plenty to do. Being a shop owner, you have experience and knowledge that is transferable to other corners of the collision repair industry. Stop and think of all the companies that produce products and services that support your efforts as a collision repair shop, and all the managers, representatives, and other workers they employ. Your experience as a shop owner (or technician, or painter) is invaluable to them.


Here are a few to consider:


HD Truck Repair: Consider the heavy truck and specialty vehicle industry if you enjoy working with your hands and seeing the physical results of your efforts. This includes repairing tractor-trailer rigs or specialty vehicles like fire trucks or ambulances. The work is no less strenuous than working on automobiles, but insurance adjusters rarely question an estimate. The labor rate runs $100 to $150 per hour, and with a guesstimated 2,000 heavy truck shops in the country, there is less competition as opposed to the 35,000 auto collision shops.

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