Friday, 10 May 2019 14:47

Truck Topics: HD Collision Roadmap Moves Forward

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Joey Fassett -- Chair of Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Task Force Joey Fassett -- Chair of Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Task Force

After a car collision occurs, one must figure out how to get their car repaired, arrange alternative transportation and so on.

Figuring out the logistics after a commercial truck crash is multiplied exponentially, considering the extent of damage done. In addition, you may have to arrange for a different truck, in order to move the payload, if in fact the truck was loaded. One must consider where and how to get the truck repaired, since location distance can vary.


The Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Task Force, chaired by Joey Fassett of Penn Fleet, has been working on a "Roadmap for Repair Procedures" for Class 8 semi-trucks. The Roadmap shows one how to manage the collision of a HD over-the-road truck. It emphasizes everything from pre-planning about where the truck will be repaired to notification of the incident, towing details, reparability decision, estimate requirements, and more.


Furthermore, the document goes into detail over components that may need special attention after an accident, such as: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) sensors and cameras, use of the proper coolant, checking securement, alignment of all lights, etc.


Based on the most recent conference call on May 8, the Roadmap is almost complete. Over the course of May, Fassett will be looking for any and all input from those in the heavy-truck industry, fleet managers and those in the HD collision repair industry. Eventually, the end-product, a Recommended Practice (RP) will be made available, most likely in the fall, to all members and member groups of the TMC.


Fassett and Chris Sterwerf, chairmen of TMC’s Task Force, said that participation is essential in order to raise awareness for the HD collision repair industry.


“The HD collision industry is changing faster than ever before,” said Sterwerf. “We need to get people involved to keep up with it all.”


For more information, contact Joey Fassett at 207-232-8167 or email him at service@pennfleet.com.