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Tuesday, 20 March 2018 22:58

Collision Safety Consultants Poised for a Great Future

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Collision Safety Consultants President Billy Walkowiak Collision Safety Consultants President Billy Walkowiak


Recently, Collision Safety Consultants (CSC), based in Belmont, NC, announced the opening of eight new locations.

Most businesses struggle to open one or two new locations simultaneously---eight seems extreme. Autobody News contacted CSC President Billy Walkowiak to see just how this was accomplished.


ABN: How did you happen to open so many locations at once?


CSC: We actually opened these locations over the course of the last five months. Four locations happened at once, and the others followed soon after. But we knew they were all coming right along so rather than announce them one at a time, we waited until all eight were on board.


ABN: We noticed one of your locations is in Australia. That seems an unlikely place for expansion. How did that happen?


CSC: Social media is a wonderful thing! Our agent down there, Graham Judge, is a friend of a collision colleague friend I have on Facebook. Because of that, he saw some of my many posts about bad repairs. He contacted me and we started talking. He had been conducting post-repair inspections down there, but nothing was codified. He had no business plan and no inspection protocols. What he did have was plenty of bad repairs. So many in fact, he had to open a completely separate business, aside from his existing body shop, just to handle inspections. In Australia, repairers are licensed by the Motor Transport Authority (MTA), also known as the Roads and Traffic Authority---similar to each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles here in the U.S., but operated on a federal level. Each repairer much be duly licensed through the MTA and thus capable of making proper repairs. The only problem is, the MTA will not or cannot enforce its own repair rules. Subsequently, so many cars are poorly repaired.

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