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Tuesday, 02 March 2021 16:11

From the Desk of Mike Anderson: Nissan Launches ADAS Calibration Course

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...we could get it down to two days, though they are two very full days.


Part of what makes that possible is the pre-work that is required before the course. For those in the industry who said they wished there was more meat in OEM training programs, we deliver it with this class.


Even before setting foot in the training center, students complete e-learning modules on navigating Nissan TechInfo for repair procedures, on understanding ADAS components, etc. They have to know how to use TechInfo before they show up.


Students work on five new Nissan and INFINITI vehicles; each has been “bugged” with an ADAS problem that needs to be diagnosed and resolved. Students rotate through the vehicles, working in pairs, doing five hands-on calibrations. Then each student has to do three calibrations by themselves to pass.


There may be some students who may not pass this class. In fact, many that have taken the class have acknowledged that this is the most advanced and intense OEM training they have ever attended.


How has Nissan addressed COVID-related concerns?


I understand the concerns, and I also know shops need the information to work with our vehicles’ ADAS systems. Shops can’t just tell customers, “Come back in a year and we’ll calibrate your vehicle’s systems then.” If shops are performing these operations, Nissan wants to help ensure they have the proper training within a safe environment for learning.


Nissan has COVID-related controls, which everyone must follow. Nissan worked with asTech to create a dedicated training facility for the course in Jacksonville, FL. There are just 10 students at a time, working with two instructors, within a 3,000-square foot space, so social distancing isn’t a problem. Everyone wears a mask and gloves. Everyone...

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