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Richard Wood, the owner of Richard Wood Kustoms in Austin, TX and a 1982 graduate of WyoTech, employs seven people and all of them are graduates from the school.


World-renowned for creating breathtaking cars that win top awards, Richard Wood believes in WyoTech, the technical school he graduated from 35 years ago.

Monday, 13 February 2017 19:42

Do 3 Things Right With Your Marketing and Thrive

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I had a baseball coach in high school who used to say, “Do three things right!” His theory was that the human brain was adept at handling three things simultaneously, but more than that and it would struggle.

Lefler Family Myanmar 1

Jimmy Lefler with Yin Yin Khin and Sophia during his recent and 11th trip to Myanmar.


The collision repair industry gives back in a big way, and certain body shops are well-known for their philanthropy and kindness.

Kathy Mello TGIF Fremont 2

Kathy Mello of TGIF Body Shop in Fremont, CA won an Excellence in Community Service Award at SEMA last year from the National Auto Body Council for her outstanding charitable efforts and volunteerism, including mentoring at-risk youth and disabled adults.

By working hard and doing all the right things for the right reasons, Kathy Mello of TGIF Body Shop in Fremont, CA is a shining example of how good things happen to good people.

Thursday, 09 February 2017 22:29

Vallejo Body Shop Gives Away its 11th Car

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Regal 1

For the 11th time, Regal Collision in Vallejo, CA presented a completely refurbished vehicle for a deserving family through its participation in the national Selected Benevolence Program.


Just like Nigel Tufnel said in the film This is Spinal Tap, "This one goes to 11!"

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 22:59

The Spira Saves Lives Because It's Encased in Foam

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Spira Saves Lives 1
Lon Ballard of San Diego, CA invented the Spira4u, a three-wheel motorcycle for two people with a plastic and fiberglass chassis encased in foam.

Imagine a vehicle that is completely encased in protective foam, so that when it collides with a pedestrian, cyclist or other vehicle, it bounces off and minimizes impact.

Within the last six years, the insurance industry has continually questioned the authority of the California Department of Insurance to regulate its industry on several fronts.

3D Printing 1

The Divergent Blade, made by San Francisco–based startup Divergent Microfactories, is a 3D-printed car that has gained national attention after appearing at the LA Auto Show recently.

We all know that 3D printing has arrived, with more and more companies jumping onboard and developing this burgeoning technology.

Greenwashing 1

Steven E. Schillinger is the president of GRC-Pirk Management, a company that helps body shops to practice sustainable practices. He has witnessed more and more shops that falsely claim that they're green, which is called greenwashing.

I have often seen signs at body shops touting that they are "100% Certified Green" and proudly exclaiming things like "We Use Only Waterborne Paint" or "We Save Energy" or "We Recycle" and in most cases, I don't doubt these claims. But within the last few years, I have heard more and more about shops that aren't truly as green as they claim, yet they aren't afraid to tell the world that they are.

Glenn Kumm, 61, has been working in the collision industry for more than 40 years and by adapting to changes in the market and reinventing himself more than once, he has survived both good and bad times.