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Are Your Processes and People Strategically Aligned?

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Rick Selover is an acclaimed industry consultant and host of "The Mind-Wrench Podcast." Rick Selover is an acclaimed industry consultant and host of "The Mind-Wrench Podcast."


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An auto body shop owner or manager might say “we are a process centric shop," “we stress processes here and focus on efficiency and productivity" or "it’s all about workflow here and everyone knows their role."

But they are thinking “our processes need to be updated, but is everyone on board," "we are forgetting about the people part of the equation," "do we have the right crew to achieve our goals" and "our processes take too long and don’t help our cycle time.”


To achieve consistent results, every successful body shop needs to devise a series of processes that maximize its strengths while coming up with viable solutions for problematic areas. It’s Business Management 101---“strategic alignment,” a mechanism by which an organization uses tools to visualize the relationship between processes and strategies.


Every auto body shop owner and manager is always looking to optimize workflow because they know it’s a critical component that can significantly impact productivity and performance.


Production often gets caught up in the day-to-day roller coaster and managers fail to realize the shop's processes are outdated, inefficient or no longer in use. Continually changing processes and workflow strategies isn't a bad thing. In reality, frequently assessing internal operations to ensure they are lean and working efficiently is something every body shop should do.


The rub here is how to take theory and put it into practice while using the technology and tools available. In many cases, body shops devise methods that look good on paper but don’t offer practical solutions for real-world applications.


When a shop is in a rut, it’s time to re-calibrate and update its processes to better coincide with the workplace environment. In many instances, the plan is reliable, but if the crew does not strictly adhere to the strategic policies devised, the department will never realize its full potential.


Rick Selover, industry insider/consultant, gives a historical perspective on how processes eclipsed the importance of people over the years.


Selover, a former refinish instructor, is a multi-award-winning sales leader, collision industry consultant and advisor, motivational coach and host of a personal and professional development podcast series, "The Mind-Wrench Podcast."


"Today, you'll hear things like 'your people are your business’s greatest asset,' 'teamwork makes the dream work' and 'your company is only as strong as your weakest link,’” Selover said. “But this wasn’t...

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