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How is Your Auto Body Shop Dealing with the Great Resignation?

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How is Your Auto Body Shop Dealing with the Great Resignation? Shutterstock


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You thought we would be done with the pandemic by now, but like Al Pacino's character, Michael Corleone, said in The Godfather II, “Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in!”

Will the effects of the pandemic always be a part of our lives? It sure looks like it.


There are still many questions we never had to deal with before, and many things we thought would be in our rearview mirrors by now. Are you prepared for the post-COVID work environment? Are you ready for a majority hybrid-remote office model? Are other shops trying to hire away some of your top people? Will some of your upper management take this opportunity to retire? Is it time to sell?


These are life-changing decisions and the time to make them is here.


We’re now entering the post-pandemic world and many of your employees have different opinions. While some of your crew is enthusiastically returning to work, others are reluctant and have concerns about hours, safety and other issues.


Regardless of whatever your employees think will happen next, body shop owners and managers are just happy to return to some level of normalcy after these 30 months. But, are things really back to normal---and what is normal now, anyway?


In many parts of the country, the shortage of qualified people got even worse during the pandemic. An MSO owner told me recently he could put 80 collision professionals to work immediately, if they existed. I would bet any shop out there right now could use a few more qualified people, as car counts rise and customers who were reluctant to bring their vehicles for repairs start showing up at their doors.


Poaching employees is a problem, especially in states like California and New York, and it will undoubtedly get worse within the next year or so, I believe. So, with motivating your crew and strengthening them more important than ever, here are some methods to help you retain your best employees.


The pandemic caused body shop owners and managers to...

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