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Heidi Foster at Crash Champions is In It to Win It

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When Crash Champions Vice President of Operations for the Mountain Region Heidi Foster had a stroke in 2020 it slowed her down, but not for long. When Crash Champions Vice President of Operations for the Mountain Region Heidi Foster had a stroke in 2020 it slowed her down, but not for long.


...driving, walking better and tackling more and more assignments at work. I was back.”


Although she doesn’t have feeling on her left side, Foster is still swinging for the fences, she said.


“As a single mother, I will always be a warrior for my daughter (Taylor, 17)," she said. "She is my everything, and I will never let her see me quit. You just take it one step at a time, day by day, and sometimes even hour by hour. As an athlete, you are used to performing and being the best on the field. In a life-changing event that affects your body, you have to change your mindset and just do what you can in that moment. It’s all mental.


“I've always been a passionate leader,” Foster said. “But since having the stroke, I think I lead with more compassion and empathy now. I take time out to appreciate my team every single week. After all, the most important part of business is taking care of your people, and this includes understanding their individual needs and mindsets.”


Foster is excited to be in an industry seemingly changing overnight, she said.


“It’s all about electric and hybrid cars, keeping up with the ever-changing technology in vehicles, and seeing more and more vehicles that are aluminum now," she said. "It's going to take a certain skill level that can only be attained through the right development and training. We must stay at the forefront of tooling and education, that is the key.


"Our industry’s technician workforce is thinning rapidly, and we have to address that, either through developing technicians organically---i.e., within the shop---or from hiring outside the industry, which requires even more training," she continued. "Our team at Crash recognized this and established a department dedicated to keeping our technicians up to date with the most advanced classes, equipment and tooling.”


Foster loves her role at Crash Champions.


“We are creating an incredible culture here at Crash that is unmatched. I have been doing this for 19 years now, and I still wake up each day looking to challenge myself and change lives," she said. "To this end, I am grateful for the organization that [Crash Champions founder and CEO] Matt Ebert established here. I’m also fortunate to work with one of the most influential people of my life, [Crash Champions COO] Alan Saviano, who has mentored me for the last seven years."


“Heidi’s passion, high energy and work ethic got her noticed as a leader,” Saviano said. “But it’s her relentless work ethic, extreme focus on team building, and an ability to consistently deliver results that sets her apart from the rest.”


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