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Tuesday, 08 March 2022 13:59

New Standardized Independent Adjuster Competency Exam Announced

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New Standardized Independent Adjuster Competency Exam Announced freepik.com/jcomp


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When an adjuster walks into your auto body shop to write an estimate, the decisions they make can affect the repair from start to finish. If your number and their number don’t agree, it can lead to an avalanche of supplements and potentially open up a tug-of-war between you and the insurer.

How qualified is the adjuster and can you rely on their assessment of the vehicle in question? A test score could help shops strip out a lot of question marks across the board, and be confident of an accurate sheet.


AdjusterTV.com and IAPath.com have partnered to create a new company, Adjuster Score, offering a standardized independent adjuster core competency exam, the first of its kind in the independent claims industry.


Adjuster Score will provide secure, fully proctored multiple choice and practical claims testing for new and experienced property and auto adjusters. The exams will test key competencies including but not limited to basic computer skills, policy knowledge and application, estimating knowledge and application, building construction and vehicle knowledge, damage identification and customer service skills.


“It’s important that we test applicants not only on how well they can build a diagram in the estimating software, but also how well they can use that software in the context of a claim,” said Mathew Allen, Adjuster Score co-founder and owner of AdjusterTV.com.


“We feel that Adjuster Score scratches several important itches in the claims industry,” Allen said. “It will provide adjusters with a narrow roadmap for building their skills and equipment, and will calibrate third-party adjuster training companies to the skills that firms and carriers need new adjusters to have. It will also provide IA firms with an objective measure of an adjuster’s skills, knowledge and equipment.”


“We want IA firms to be able to assess an applicant at a glance---similar to a credit score or a standardized test score like the SAT or LSAT,” said Chris Stanley, co-founder of Adjuster Score and owner of IAPath.com.

A user’s Adjuster Score will have an aggregate total score that is then broken down into...

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