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Painter Invents a Better Way to Sand Vehicles with Fast Blocks

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Painter Max Major invented a simple tool called Fast Blocks that enables refinishers to sand vehicles faster and easier. Painter Max Major invented a simple tool called Fast Blocks that enables refinishers to sand vehicles faster and easier.


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I love writing about technicians, painters and other collision repair professionals who invent tools or products to make their jobs and lives easier.

Auto body shop people have come up with great ideas over the years, but how many of them ever make it out of the lunch room?


It’s not easy to make any invention a reality. First, you will likely need to invest your own money to develop it, and then who’s going to sell it for you? If it’s a really good idea, there will be people who want to steal it, and if you think a patent will protect you, all I can say is "LOL."

In this story, a painter named Max Major invented a simple tool that enables refinishers to sand vehicles faster and easier and with fewer hassles. His company, Fast Blocks, has gained momentum since its inception and consistently receives five-star ratings from painters worldwide.


Major, 31, was born and raised just outside of Nashville, TN. He came from a family of people who had college degrees and worked in offices, without any tradesmen on the family tree. But he knew at a very young age that cars would likely play a major role in his life, so he pursued it relentlessly.


“I was raised that if you didn't go to college, you didn't have a chance at succeeding,” Major said. “I spent every waking minute working on cars. On the weekends, I would sit in front of the TV watching 'Power Block' on Spike TV. I found my way into the paint shop the same time Stacey David built the Copperhead truck on the show and I was hooked right then and there!”


During his senior year in high school, Major got a chance to work in a body shop as a painter assistant/detailer when a friend of his quit and recommended him as his replacement.


“He asked me if I had any interest in taking his place and naturally, I was all for it!" Major said. "I was still in school, so I had to negotiate with them. They said if I could get a day's worth of work done in a few hours every afternoon. If I could, I could have the job. After a few months working there, I started to ask a lot of questions, hanging out with the body techs or the painters who were more than happy to help me.


One day, the painter at the shop fired his prepper/helper and was looking to find a replacement.


“I begged and pleaded for a shot at being the painter’s helper but the deal was the same," Major said. "If I let the paint shop get behind, I was gone. So, I...

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